Our manufacturing facilities dedicated to performance

Manufacturing facilities

We have available…

2500m² of workshop, lifting gantries up to 8 meters high, lifting capacity of 30 metric tonnes.

CAD/CAM : Autocad, Topsolid

Efficient machining equipment.

Our machines possess the latest technology and are constantly evolving, enabling us to provide top quality and accuracy on large size mechanical parts from the most basic to the most technical with the materials sourced by us or supplied by the customer.

  • Turning

    CNC Vertical lathe Ø 4300 – height 2300
    CNC Vertical lathe Ø 3300 - h.3100
    CNC Parallel lathe EP 10000 - Ø 1300/100

  • Milling – Boring

    CNC Boring machine 5000mm x 3000mm - spindle Ø130 - Axis B
    CNC Boring machine 4000 x 3500 - spindle Ø130
    CNC Boring machine 3500 x 2500 - spindle Ø130
    CNC Boring machines 6500 x 3500 - spindle Ø150

    CNC Milling machine 10000 x 2200 x 1000
    CNC Milling machine 3200 x 1200 x 1000
    CNC Milling machine 2000 x 1000 x 1000

  • Soudure


    Dedicated welding workshop – 5 T Lifting
    Post MAG-MIG / TIG ....

  • Control

    300 conventional instruments
    Measurement arm and LASER TRACKER with subcontractors
    Non-Destructive Testing



Our processes and our control procedures are in accordance with our ISO 9001 qualification.


Quality process